Client Testamonials


"Love Holly! She strives for excellence in every way. She has taken me from injury to feeling strong and able to resume my normal sport activities."

Best in the Industry

"I wouldn't trust my body to any other person.  She is an expert at the art and is truly passionate about helping you obtain all of the benefits Pilates has to offer.  There is never a dull moment during my workouts, she is always switching things up to keep every muscle on it's toes, she tailors the workout to each individual and their needs and you will never be bored!  Holly is constantly attending conferences and workshops to keep her 100% up to date on everything and anything new to the field."


"Holly is great! She really knows how to critique your position and make sure you are isolating the right muscle.  She was my life savor after I had a baby.  I had a lot of back pain and I felt the difference after 2 meetings.  Thank you Holly!!"

Personalized Sessions

"I had only tried mat Pilates and was hesitant to try a Private Session.  I couldn't believe the level of attention and care Holly gave to me at the first session.  She took care to understand my history and is always aware and cautious to push me! My body has never felt better - more strength and flexibility  - I never thought I had it in me."

Total Body Benefits

"I highly recommend Marta's Pilates class to everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Unlike other exercise regimes, her class has strengthened and toned my entire body. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible. Marta is great and always willing to help, is passionate, friendly and  has both the expertise and the demeanor to put me at ease. I have never felt so in shape and addicted to a class as to Marta's one that is as friendly as a small Italian coffee shop."